Welcome to the University of Arizona Imaging Technology Laboratory (ITL)

ITL is dedicated to advancing scientific and industrial imaging science by developing enabling technologies for the University of Arizona and worldwide research sponsors.

We are a research group of Steward Observatory at The University of Arizona.

ITL Facility

The University of Arizona Imaging Technology Laboratory has the primary mission of developing optimized CCD and CMOS imaging sensors for scientific and high-end industrial applications. We work closely with sponsors and sensor manufacturers from all over the world.  Most ITL sensors are optimized for visible, ultraviolet, or X-ray light detection and requiring hybridization, chemical etching, thin film antireflection coatings, customized cryogenic packaging, and extensive characterization. We also cameras, mosaics, and instruments for UA telescopes as well as characterize sensors and cameras as a service to the worldwide imaging community.

Sensor Locations

ITL has delivered over 4,000 sensors to the worldwide scientific and industrial imaging communities.  They are used in astronomy, Earth Observing, semiconductor fabrication, high energy physics, and for many other applications.

See ITL Sensor Locations Map for the locations of some of our deliveries.